Relton Marine and Colourbox

We’d like to introduce you to one of our fantastic resident artists, Relton Marine. We’ve worked with them for many years and have become good friends, helped by Tom bringing us Curly Wurlys when he visits.

Relton Marine is duo Christine and Tom, who work collaboratively on the same canvases to create truly stunning works of art. Many of you may have already seen their work on display in the workshop, and you may even have one of their pieces in your home. When I look at these pictures, I feel uplifted, energised, but also grounded.

Relton Marine’s art is inspired by local landscapes and travels abroad, and they take inspiration from textiles, ceramics, and other mementos they have picked up while travelling. While we know them as  well-established local artists, they have also been displayed across the world, have paintings in the House of Lords and have been listed in both the “Who’s Who in Art”, and “Artists in Britain Since 1945”.

Developing a shared vision

Each piece is stunning and just by viewing it you can see why this duo is so well renowned. But once you know more about their process and how the layers are built up between each artist, it adds a whole new dimension to their art.

First, they agree a shared vision and talk about the colours, ideas, composition, and emotions they want to convey.

Then Tom steps up to start the process. He stretches the canvas, primes it, and starts underpainting – an important step that gives depth and texture to the finished piece. When you see this, it’s hard to believe how the painting ends up.

Christine then adds the detail and takes the piece onto the next stage. Now you can see where the two distinct approaches and personalities work together to create a final work of art that is balanced and brings out the best of both artists in the partnership.

Once both are happy with the final canvas, it’s time to step away. That’s when they know it’s finished. Two heads can truly be better than one – they keep each other challenged and make sure the work stays fresh.

“We work together on the same canvas. The paintings are built up in layers and are a representation of a real place or event, based on somewhere we’ve been or something that happened – travel features a lot as the colours and images are stronger and more memorable.” – Tom and Christine, Relton Marine

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